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Rubber Roofing in Leeds


Versatile, hard-wearing and extremely eco-friendly (most rubber roofing is sourced from sustainable, often pre-used materials), rubber roofing in Leeds is an increasingly popular roofing material.

Rubber Roofing Services in South Yorkshire

Rubber is available in a variety of forms, from rolled rubber materials which are tailored to suit flat roofs, to rubber shingles which combine the slate’s style with the environmental benefits and resilience of rubber. Some rubber also does not need ballast or chippings, meaning that blockage of gutters and downpipes is unlikely.

Whilst EPDM rubber roofing in Leeds is renowned for tough and reliable, as with any roofing, it can be susceptible to some issues, especially if your original fitters did not do a thorough enough job. These problems can come in the form of damp patches, damaged cutters and even collapsing ceilings.

Whilst inadequate fitting can be an issue, sometimes roof damage happens as a result of extreme weather conditions – even when you’ve used such an absorbent material.

Why Choose L & B Roofing And Building Maintenance as Your Rubber Roofing Contractor

Luckily, L & B Roofing And Building Maintenance can help you out. Our team of skilled and dedicated Leeds roofers have over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry. Our team are proficient in working with a wide array of materials on roofs of any shape, style and dimension. Whether you have a flat roof, ideal for rolled rubber, or want to channel the sleek style of tiled shingles, our adept team offer your perfect roof at a perfectly reasonable price!

Whether you need a brand new rubber roof in Leeds, or an expert pair of hands to repair your existing one, for rubber roofing in Leeds surrounding areas contact L & B Roofing And Building Maintenance today.